RV Motorized Awning Products

G-1500 Door Awning

Every Girard awning is produced with the highest quality components, to ensure the greatest product durability. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!  A completely enclosed cassette fits every type of installation, resulting in a small frame footprint, and sleek design. read more.

G-2085 Awning

The G-2085 window awning is easily operated and provides superior tension to keep fabric taut & smooth. A completely enclosed frame fits every type of installation, resulting in a small frame footprint, and sleek design. read more.

G-5000 Slide-Out Awning

The G-5000 slide-out awning provides protection from the sun, rain and other elements (leaves, debris) to the roof area of the slide-out room. Each unit is built to your specifications with the highest quality components available. read more.

NOVA II Motorized Retractable Awning

The NOVA II motorized retractable awning is the next generation Girard Systems innovative dual-pitch awning with up to three lateral arms for superior strength. First Pitch - Extend past your slide room at an adjustable 5-20 degrees. Second Pitch - provides an additional 20 degree drop, providing shade from the early morning and afternoon sun. read more.

G-LITE Awning Lighting

The New G-LITE allows you to enjoy your Girard Awning ALL NIGHT. Experience extraordinary awning lights that will brighten your evening. No other RV awning has built-in lights like a Girard Awning. read more.

G-2000 Patio Awning

Girard was the first in the RV industry to develop a motorized lateral arm retractable awning. The G-2000 patio awning features a patented, easily adjustable pitch, and heavy duty lateral arms with superior tension to keep fabric taut & smooth. read more.

Ultra Patio Awning

Girard Ultra RV Awnings come in sizes for over your slide-out, door or window along with the patio design that extends your outdoor living space with style. We keep you cool. And we also keep you dry from the elements with our huge selection of awning types and styles. read more.

Ultra Window Awning

Girard Systems quality in a manually operated window awning. Easy to use, it provides sun protection for windows from 24" to 168" and compliments other Ultra Awnings. read more.

Ultra Slide-Out Awning

Ultra Slide-Out Awning by Girard® Systems. The Ultimate In Slide Out Roof Protection! Sun protection over your slide helps keep it cool while the roof stays clean of debris. read more.

Ultra Door Awning

Ultra Door Awning from Girard® Awnings. read more.

Vision Dual Pitched RV Awning

Vision RV Awning by Girard Systems®, is a low-profile, dual pitched awning which is roof mounted on your recreation vehicle with maximum pitch . . . read more.

GG 750 RV Awning

The GG 750 Girard Systems RV Awning is a compact lateral arm awning that comes in varying lengths and weights for unique presentations. It is perfect for over garage doors, over doors and any situation where weight and size are an issue. It comes with a manual crank or an optional 12V motor for extension and retraction. read more.