G-5000 Slide-Out Awning

G-5000 Slide-Out Awning

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G-5000 Features:

  • The G-5000 slide out awing covers are available in lengths up to 360"
  • Its top roll design increases fabric pitch and favors water run-off. 
  • The new design allows for more clearance between the top of the slide-out room and the bottom of the awning.
  • The built in fabric brush eliminates leaves and debris build-up on awning fabric as the slide room is retracted.
  • The G-5000 design allows for fabric change without removing the cassette from the side of the coach.
  • The Girard patented G-5000 slide out awning is the only slide out awning that mounts to the coach sidewall, not the slide out room.
  • The small lead-rail mounted on the slide-out room improves overall appearance and allows for full extension while camping.
  • The durable powder coated aluminum encasement prevents the fabric from billowing while in transit, and protects the fabric from the elements while not in use.
  • The G-5000 has a 2 year Limited Warranty to the original OEM/Installer.

The G-5000 Patented Slide Room Cover

The G-5000 slide-out awning provides protection from the sun, rain and other elements (leaves, debris) to the roof area of the slide-out room. Each unit is built to your specifications with the highest quality components available. The unique design of the G-5000 allows you to extend your slide room to its maximum extension in any camping situation. The frame is made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated extruded aluminum with components made of stainless steel and is available in white or black and upon request. The frame may be custom powder coated. 

Every Girard Awning is produced with the highest of quality components, to ensure the greatest product durability. Customer satisfaction is our #1 Goal. 

Standard Equipment:

Acrylic Fabric (Sunbrella)


Lengths: 60” to 360”
Frame Dimensions: 4-1/4” (wide), 4-1/2” (high)
Projections Available: 42”
Operation: High Torsion Spring Fabrics:100% woven acrylic with large selection of colors by Sunbrella (our preferred fabric manufacturer). Fabrics Girard Systems uses only the highest quality Acrylic Fabrics: Select from hundreds of fabric colors to complete the perfect look.