Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 3)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 3)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 3)


Iguana On Your Back

When we were RVing in the Florida Keys, we saw multiple iguanas that were just hanging out at the RV resort. Some of them were green and looked friendly, some of them are a beautiful black color, but looked scary!
One day we were walking along the shore at the RV Resort when an older guy sort of runs out of the water. His eyes were HUGE. He told us that he was snorkeling and fish were everywhere, so he didn’t notice a BIG iguana swimming over to use him as a floating island! It climbed up on his back to take a rest. He had no idea what it was at the time and freaked out. We all had a good laugh.


Shark Bite

While in the Florida Keys, we had up close and personal run-ins with sharks. They would come around while we were snorkeling and swimming. We made friends with another family at the Campground. One day the husband noticed someone caught a big shark near their RV but didn’t know how to get it off the line. Being an experienced fisherman, he got in the water to remove the hook and release the shark. The craziest part of the story is that in the process, it whipped around to bite him in the knee!
He was rushed, by another camper, to the emergency room. He ended up with a bunch of stitches and staples and had to lay around the RV for a few weeks watching movies while he recovered. About a month after it happened, he took me shark fishing in his boat!


Bears with Cubs

Kings Canyon, I was hiking through a gorgeous meadow while the sun was coming up. After coming around a corner on the trail, I saw two cute bear cubs RIGHT in front of me!
Knowing the right amount about the outdoors, I knew that there was going to be a mommy lurking somewhere nearby. I did what any good outdoorsman would do and ducked behind a tree to swap out my camera lens to get “the shot.”
I knew I was downwind, and the cubs were not afraid of me. But I was very cautiously looking for Momma bear.
I got a couple of shots before I accidentally stepped on a twig, and when it snapped, the Mom popped up. She was right in front of me the entire time, but I couldn’t see her behind the log that the cubs were on. The Mom alerted them of the danger, me, and they instantly climbed up a tree until she could determine if I was a threat.
Luckily, she thought I was cool, and they eventually moved on—a very hair-raising experience.  

Don’t Leave Out the Watermelon

We were walking through the Campground when we noticed one of our neighbors had left out their watermelon from an earlier snack.
It didn’t take long for squirrels to take advantage of this and eat themselves silly with the yummy fruit.


Hanging Out with Sheep

hiking alone off the trail in Zion National Park, I got a weird feeling that I wasn’t alone. I stopped and took a bit to look carefully at my surroundings and finally noticed that I was right next to a group of bighorn sheep!
I sat down, and we enjoyed each other’s company for quite some time. They seemed nice.



Marmots are Thieves

Hiking up in Sequoia National Park at high altitudes can be exhausting. After putting in 6 miles, we dropped our packs and walked 25 yards or so down to the lake to enjoy the view and relax for a bit.
It turns out the Marmots in the area can smell Cheeze-Its because they went right to the source of the smell and STOLE MY CHEEZE-ITS!