Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 2)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 2)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 2)

A raccoon stealing my hotdog

I was fishing at Myrtle Beach KOA. Often campgrounds will have private ponds/lakes that you’re allowed to fish without a license, which is convenient if you’re in a different state.

I had a cute raccoon approach me, and I thought he was just curious and wanted to hang out for a bit. I was wrong.
Apparently, when you’re using hot dogs as bait, you attract more than just fish. He started to get really aggressive at trying to take my bag full of hotdogs. I usually would fight back when anyone/anything tries to steal something from me, but I knew I had a bunch more in the fridge and wasn’t about to put up a fight with a raccoon over 15 cents worth of hotdogs.

The Tiger King

While we were RVing at the Charlotte KOA, we wanted to take our kids to a local zoo. When we got there, we saw that for just $5, you are able to feed the tigers from a stick! To be so close to such powerful and beautiful creatures is something we’ll never forget.


Does a Bear Poop in the Woods?

Pulling the 5th wheel down the road in Northern Minnesota, I saw something quite a bit ahead of us cross the street. I figured it was a bear, so I slowed way down and stopped where I thought it had passed. Sure enough, we found him and were able to answer the big question.


Elephant Seals

Out near Big Sur California, there’s a special place called Elephant Seal Beach. At certain times of the year, you’ll be able to see these massive animals PACKED on the beach as far as you can see. One of the other notable things about the experience is the sounds. These animals are LOUD, combined with the sounds of the crashing waves. It truly is unique.


Don’t Feed the Coyote

In Death Valley National Park, we noticed a coyote during the day crossing the main road back and forth. This is very odd behavior for coyotes, so we pulled the RV over to check it out.
It turns out that this coyote got smart and realized if it crosses the road when cars are coming, many of them will stop and feed him.
Unfortunately, we got to witness this as another person pulled up behind us and started throwing bread out of there RV to feed it.


Ancient Creature Under the Dock

While staying at the beautiful Fox Lake Campground in Bemidji, MN, I noticed some movement under the dock. It turns out a MASSIVE old snapping turtle was waiting to eat some sunfish.
I ran back to the RV, grabbed my GoPro camera in hopes it would still be there when I got back. Sure enough, he was still there, and I was lucky enough to capture him eating a meal.