Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 1)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 1)

Wildlife Stories from the Campground (part 1)

Too Close to the Elk

Recently on an RV Trip to the Redwoods at Gold Bluff Beach, a kid got WAY TOO CLOSE to a bull elk. One of the great things about the redwoods is there are a lot of elk herds. We were camping nearby at an RV park, but I was coming here because I was going to hike Fern Canyon, which is where they filmed Jurassic Park, the lost world. The scenery is mind-blowing.
As I walked out to the beach to check out the Campground, a heard of elk came at the same time. Then I see this big bull elk, and I see something that made the hair rise on the back of my neck. Some kids thought it was ok to go right next to it. I mean, this kid was so close that if those bull elk were in any way threatened or irritable, he would’ve taken that kid out in a hurry. Elk are fast and very powerful. This was extremely dangerous, and luckily nothing happened, but you need to keep your distance from animals like this.

Tortoise Using the Black Tank

One time we were camping just outside of Disney in Orlando, Florida. This particular RV resort has a bunch of tortoises. I was working one day from the RV and noticed a big tortoise right outside of our RV! I grabbed the kids, and we went out to see this remarkable creature.  
Well, by the time he got to the sewer hookup, he proved that he knew what to do and let out a nice #2.

Lizard in the RV

We’ve heard stories of animals getting in campers before, and in five years of RVing, we’ve been lucky we were no mice, no ants, no anything except for one time.
We were RVing in the Everglades; if you know anything about the Everglades, there are a lot of creepy creatures. Snakes and spiders are the first things to come to mind.
I went to put our two-year-old down for a nap in her bed and noticed there was a cute little gecko just chilling in her bed! We hung out with him for a while before I was able to catch and release him.

Manatee in the RV Resort Marina

In Florida, at the Fiesta Key RV Resort, we saw quite a few manatees cruising around the marina and all around the island. They even have an on-site restaurant that, on multiple occasions, a manatee swam right past our table while we were eating.



Alligators Creeping Near the Bike Trail

When we were RVing in the Florida Everglades, there were alligators all over the Shark Valley Trail. It’s incredible hiking, biking, or tram trail, but be very careful when you stop to take a pic or a sip of water because they will be creeping around nearby.