Why You Should Buy a Girard RV Awning?

Why You Should Buy a Girard RV Awning?


“Why should I buy a Girard RV awning?” is something you’ve probably asked yourself if you’re on the Girard Group Companies website. The real question is: Why haven’t you bought a Girard RV awning yet?

Maybe you need convincing, which is what we’re here to do! There are so many great reasons why you should invest in a Girard RV awning, and their RV awning lighting! Here are 8 reasons that are sure to convince you to buy a Girard RV Awning for your RV today!


  1. Extend your outdoor living space. Make your lot like home! Set up your outdoor table and chairs and sit back and relax!

  2. Keep cool in the shade under your awning. They’re also great for your pets to keep cool, too!

  3. Outdoor tailgating party? Set up your awning so you can watch your game outside! A bigger plus? Girard offers an outdoor TV Box! Now you can really throw the tailgating party of your dreams!

  4. More opportunities for outdoor parties! You can set the food up under the shade of your awning.

  5. Getting dark out? No problem! Girard offers lighting for their awnings so you can stay out all night if you want!

  6. An awning will let you sit outside in the rain without getting wet--as long as it isn’t too windy! Girard’s awnings have sensors that close them in high winds to protect them from breaking!

  7. Girard RV awnings are automatic-with the touch of a button you can open or close it!

  8. You can get awnings for just your windows and doors--let the fresh air in while blocking direct sunlight or rain!