Why We Need Awnings

Why We Need Awnings


Awnings keep us dry
If you’ve ever sat out during a light rain, you know how enjoyable it is. Assuming, of course, there aren’t strong wind gusts and torrential rains, it can be extremely relaxing to sit out during the light rain listen to the sounds of nature. Plus, who wants to be cooped up inside the RV the whole camping trip? Keep in mind you might have to adjust the pitch of your awning and have that rain slope right off.

Awnings keep us cool
Let’s say you’re taking a dirt bike trip out to the desert. Odds are good you’re going to have a campsite that doesn’t offer any shade. An awning allows you to provide your own shade. What I mean is if the side of your RV that has your awning is facing the sun, then put out your running and it will keep the RV significantly cooler. This also keeps you cool when you’re sitting outside.

Awnings prevent pain
Sunburn is a real threat for many of us, especially for kids. Rather than sitting out in the sun, pop out your awning and sit in the shade. The last thing you want to do is head out on vacation and get sunburnt the first day. If you turn deep red on your first day you’re gonna have a bad time…

Awnings save you money
We talked about sunburn and how awnings can help you avoid it, but what about the outrageous cost of sunscreen? When you sit in the shade you avoid that cost.
Another way to save money is if you are a seasonal or a long-term camper you usually have to pay for your electric. Because the awning cools down your RV by keeping it out of the direct sunlight it saves you money. Not to mention it’s a lot more peaceful when you don’t have to run air conditioning as much.

Awnings are high tech
For all you techies out there the new awnings are very high-tech. One push of a button and you can watch this magnificent technology extend out, one more push and you watch it wrap right back in.

Awnings look cool at night
Awnings that have LED lights look amazing. Do you want to feel like the king or queen of the campground put your awning out in the evening, turn on the LED lights light a campfire and sit back and relax?

Awnings help you make money
If you are an entrepreneur and executive or just trying to get some work done from your laptop while you’re camping, most laptops don’t work well in the bright sunlight. In addition to that, you should not have your laptop out in the sun because it can overheat. That’s where the awning keeps you nice and cool keeps your laptop nice and cool. So you can work directly outside of your camper with a view.