What's Trending? 2019 Spring

What's Trending? 2019 Spring


It’s cool to follow trends, especially for outdoor decorations! You can really make a statement by using colors that are ‘in’ and themes that are popular this year in unique ways. But, the question is, what’s trending this Spring 2019? Well, we’re here to help you out!


  1. Ambient Lighting. Creating an appeal to your living space that seems warm and welcoming is always nice, and this year especially! This is a great time to get Girard’s G-Lite Awning Lighting Systems installed in your Girard RV awning! It will really help to set the mood at your RV lot. In addition to the G-Lite System, you can also get pretty lanterns or fairy lights to hang up on your awning, especially if you can’t really afford an upgrade to your awning. In addition to the welcoming feeling of outdoor lights, it also gives a sense of safety--whether you’re walking by or stopping by for a few drinks, you and your guests will feel safer with it being light outside even at night.

  2. Eco-Friendly Decor. Eco-Friendly and sustainable anything is in right now. We’re all about saving the Earth and a great way to do that is by using decorations made from recycled materials! You can either make your own decorations or buy them. Making them could be a fun project on a rainy day to do with the kids! Turn old milk cartons or jugs into cut decorations or planters for little flowers or herbs!

  3. Colors! Pastels are never wrong during the springtime--they’re bright but not too vivid and give a calming effect that matches the calmness of everything coming to life again. However, if pastels aren’t your thing, you can always go with Glamour's list of color trends that aren’t pastel--sure, they’re for fashion, but decorating your RV and outdoor living space is a form of fashion! To break down their list for you, here it is:

    1. Pale Yellow. It’s lighter than pastel yellow, but it gives a sense of even brighter, purer new life that spring brings.

    2. Golden Yellow. It’s a deeper shade of yellow, but still bright. Think dandelions and daffodils! It’s perfect to show off the brightness of spring with the promise of warm weather on the way!

    3. Bright Orange. Again, like flowers growing and coming to life. It represents the warm glow of late night bonfires or campfires.

    4. Burnt Orange. Yes, this sounds like it would be more of a fall or early winter color, but this deeper shade of orange helps to offset some of the brighter or more pastel colors by giving more dimension.

    5. Mint Green. Green, the color of new leaves and soft grass. Make it a little lighter and you have the color of pure calm!

    6. Lime Green. Once again, if pastels and lighter colors aren’t your thing, skip those and head over to lime green! It's similar to the ‘highlighter’ shade and gives a pop to a softer color.

    7. Bold Green. This better represents the colors of nature in full bloom, bursting with both deep and bright shades mixed together perfectly. This looks fantastic with bright orange and a pale yellow!

Of course, if you want, you can add some pink shades in there--pink makes us think of new bunnies’ noses, flowers, and love--because we LOVE Spring!


Buy (or make!) decorations that follow some of these color schemes, and you’re set for spring! What are your favorite color combinations? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!