What To Do While Oceanfront Camping Part III

What To Do While Oceanfront Camping Part III


Take a Hike 

Hiking along the beach can be very rewarding. Often the trails will weave in and out of a forest, giving you opportunities to jet out overlooking the ocean. Can you spot the hiker in the above photo?  

Walk the Pier 

Piers are amazing structures. It’s really incredible if you see one on a rough day when the waves are crashing against the pier. Piers are also usually gathering places for people and even will sometimes offer restaurants.  


There are so many options when it comes to biking while RVing. With the technology of bike racks on vehicles and the RVs, large storage areas, foldable bikes, and rentals; you’ll be able to enjoy pedaling down your favorite bike paths.  


What’s your office view? When you’re RVing it doesn’t get much better than being able to step outside and work with an ocean view. You can time it right to watch whale migrations, catch the sunrise with your coffee, or even set up under a tree to enjoy the shade while listening to the waves crash as you work.  

Go Running 

We all know that we should be eating healthy and working out. Well, it makes it a little easier to have the motivation to get out those running shoes when you have oceanfront views at the Campground.  

Enjoy a Hobby 

Everybody has different hobbies. The good news is that with an RV you can bring those hobbies oceanfront. Whether you like to master your Hula Hooping or knit a sweater, you might as well do it with a view.  

Build Sand Castles 

You might have some kids with you on your RV Trip but even if you don’t you can act like a kid and have fun building some sandcastles. Get as creative as you’d like and build something unique! 

Have Quality Conversation 

Head out of the RV to a bench or chair and have some great conversation with someone you love. The sounds of the waves are a great backdrop for deep and meaningful talks.  


Sometimes the best activity is doing nothing at all. We all have busy lives and when you’re on an RV Trip it’s a joy to be able to sit down and relax while taking in the sights and sounds of the beach.  

Read a Book 

Have you been pushing off reading your next self-help book or novel? Grab it and head out to read with the sounds of the waves penetrating your ears while you drift off into knowledge or escapism.  

Watch the Wildlife 

Not only is the beach filled with marine life, but you’re able to see land animals also. Just be careful not to get too close to the elk as this kid did… 

Rent a Boat 

Become the captain of your ship by renting a boat at or near the Campground. Often you’ll find boat rentals in popular vacation destinations but make sure you ask the campground as sometimes they’ll offer it and it’s not very clearly advertised. Watch out for pirates…