What To Do While Oceanfront Camping Part II

What To Do While Oceanfront Camping Part II


Explore a City 

Oceanfront cities have A LOT to offer. You’ll get the benefits of the big city things to do, plus all the water activities you enjoy.  

 People Watch 

One of the most entertaining things you could do is head to a jam-packed beach, set up your lawn chair and people watch.  

Enjoy the Sunset 

The west coast sunsets will take your breath away often. Make sure you stay for 30-45 min after the sun dips below the horizon as that’s usually the most spectacular part of the sunset.  

Take a Selfie 

Looking to grab that perfect Instagram selfie? Head out of your camper towards the most iconic tourist attraction or to the most scenic nearby beach and snap that selfie with your bestie.  

Jet Ski 

Jet skiing in the ocean is an all-out motorsport thrill! They’re fairly inexpensive to rent for the value they provide and if you’re near a cove or marina you’ll usually find outfitters who rent these out so you can slam the throttle in the open ocean.  

Pick Sea Shells 

It’s tough to visit the beach and not grab a couple of seashells. However, if you’re really looking to ramp up your scavenging make sure you RV to places like Sanibel Island which is considered the #1 seashell beach in the world.  

Go Caving 

This can be exhilarating but also very dangerous so always make sure you know the tide and take proper precautions. Heading into a sea cave will often leave you in wonder as the echoes of the pounding waves and rushing water.  

Take a Scenic Drive 

If you’re going to be camping on the ocean make sure you find the most scenic route along the coast on the way to the campground. Of course, make sure that it’s friendly for the size/type of your rig.  

Have a Bonfire 

There’s nothing quite like cooking some hotdogs on the beach while sitting around the bonfire with your friends. Find a nearby beach that allows fires, many will even have fire pits set up for you and cook up some grub.  

Go Horseback Riding 

On many people’s bucket lists is horseback riding on the beach. Some equestrian campgrounds will offer this for their campers but if not you can often find a local outfitter to give you the adventure you seek.  

Explore a Lighthouse 

Keeping ships safe from running into the shore, lighthouses are intriguing and fun to explore. Some of them have tours that explain the history of these amazing structures.