What To Do While Oceanfront Camping

What To Do While Oceanfront Camping


Oceanfront vacations are one of the best things you could do for yourself and your family. But other than lounging around on the beach or building sandcastles what is there to do? Since RVs allow you to bring toys and to be located in the most desirable beaches, here are a few of the most common things to do when oceanfront camping.  


When most of us think about an RV surf trip we think about a small van cruising up the west coast. Luckily the RVs and campgrounds of today offer all the comforts of home in the best locations for you to bring your board and catch the waves.  


Beachcombing is essentially taking a nice beautiful stroll on the beach and keeping your eyes open for shells, driftwood, sea life or anything else that catches your eye. It’s a great way to enjoy the beach and get some exercise.  

Long Strolls on the Beach 

Looking to get some exercise with good conversation and a view? Take yourself or your loved one and enjoy a romantic stroll along the shoreline. 


Looking for a trophy fish? Maybe you want to catch supper? Or just maybe you’re looking for the thrill of the hunt for a large fish… Fishing is great for campers because it’s easy for people to bring their fishing gear with them, in the RV.  


Ocean kayaking is a true adventure. Many brands like the Tucktec Folding Kayak allow you to bring a full-size kayak that breaks down to the size of a suitcase so it will fit easily into a tow vehicle or a storage bay.  

Sunset, Dolphin, Dinner or Whale Cruise 

If you’re camping nearby a marina you’ll be able to zip out on a sunset, dinner or dolphin cruise. Often they’ll be inexpensive and know exactly where to go for maximum enjoyment of their guests.  


When the heat is on, take a dip in the ocean! Get some exercise by swimming around, float around in the salty water, or just get in ankle-deep in you’re scared of sharks.  


Everybody needs to eat. If you’re camping on the ocean, do a google search and find the most scenic waterfront restaurant and have a good time grubbing out.  


With inflatable paddleboards, more and more RVers are taking up this activity. It’s a great way to relax on the water and get a little bit of exercise.  

Walk the Dog 

Many beaches will offer dog beaches. Some will even allow you to unleash your dog to let them splash and play in the water with other 4 legged friends.  


Want an up-close experience with marine life? Grab a snorkel mask and head on it. This is best in clear water areas with various structures under the water. One of the benefits of snorkeling is the gear easily fits in your RV.