Websites and Apps for RV Travel

Websites and Apps for RV Travel

Websites and Apps for Destination Planning When Traveling in Your RV

RV travel is the perfect marriage of home living and modern travel.  This makes them ideal transportation for long road trips making it only you, your home on wheels, and the open road to your destination. However, before you get to your destination there is much planning that goes into any trip as well as entertainment for any passengers that come along. With traditional maps and atlases losing favor to website and GPS applications, there is a multitude of other websites and applications that make travel planning and entertainment easier, more accessible, and allows for fluidity to help with any spontaneous trip changes.


Roadtrippers is a website that allows you to enter a destination, or multiple destinations, and plots your route out. It also estimates the cost of gas for the trip. It also offers suggestions for popular attractions, places to grab a quick bite or a sit down dinner, and travel blogs regarding things to do.  This website is a great jumping off point for your trip, and it has all the information necessary to take the beginning of an idea to a fully planned trip in one stop. They also offer a mobile app version available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. (


Another trip planning website option is Furkot where you can set up your lodging preference as campground destinations, then proceed with planning for your specific destination. Users are able to enter their destination, stops, and allows for itinerary reversal at the traveler's desire. An added bonus with this website is the option to enter how long you want to drive each day, and Furkot will suggest places to stop for the night. You are also able to plan walking tours and sightseeing, which the website will plan based on times you enter. (


A large expense when it comes to road tripping is gas. GasBuddy collects data from other users to list the available prices, which you can access to make the most economic choices along your route. It is also a great tool outside of just the road trip for everyday use.  This is also available as a mobile app in the Apple App and Google Play stores. (


Findery is a great tool for those travelers that prefer to keep an element of spontaneity in their trip. It is a collection of notes, photos, and tips left by other users that will alert the user to nearby attractions. It functions a lot like a pocket tour guide that you and your friends can use to share information that can only be viewed by people you allow if you do not want to contribute to the larger community for privacy reasons. It is also available for Apple and Android users in their respective app stores. (

For those who seek to plan trips through national parks and would rather use an official government source rather than an internet collective, is a wonderful resource. It is a resource for camping grounds, national monuments, and cabins to rent if you would like to spend a night outside of your RV. The Create A New Trip feature allows users to plan trips right on the website. Simply select Campsites and Lodging the site or app and you can easily return to your favorite spot or discover a new one by searching for the campsite or unique lodging option that’s right for you. If you want to make a choice when you arrive in close proximity to your destination, the app uses your GPS locator to show you campsites in the surrounding area as first choices. Tours and tickets, recreation activities and more help you dream up your next trip, figure out the details, and reserve experiences at over 3,500 facilities and 100,000 individual sites across the country. There's something for everyone on, so get out there, experience America, and bring home a story! This app is available for download for Apple users at camping app or simply go to


Shifting gears from planning your trip to keeping you and your passengers entertained on the road, Overdrive is a free app the functions through various library collectives to bring free audio and electronic books for 21 day lending periods, or less based on the user's preference. This is a great resource for free books for book lovers during their turn at the wheel.

License Plate Games - Road Trip Fun:

For users with children to entertain, this is app has a five-star rating in the Google Play store. It challenges players to find license plates from as many different states as they can, which the app keeps track of when they are entered. It also offers fun trivia about the states such as the capital, state bird, and state nickname, which also makes the game educational.


Weather Route:

For users wanting outdoor recreation, this application tracks the weather along your route. Reviewers mentioned that some features are not as accurate as desired, but it is more portable, reliable, and easier to use than similar apps offered by services such as the US Nation Weather Service website. This application is particularly popular with motorcyclists for the dependable storm tracking.

AAA Mobile:

For AAA members, this app offers access to their services. The biggest perk of the service and the app is the road service request. Reporting a breakdown in the app offers the advantage of an instantaneous report over having to be on hold with calling in. There are also other services offered in the app, such as directions, battery quotes, vehicle buying, and cheapest gas prices near your location.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is the most widely used GPS app, and for good reason. The app is reliable and constantly updates its map database to offer users the easiest possible experience. With the app being part of the Google sign-in services, users do not have to worry about losing their history of location data between devices. If you find a particularly loved spot on your trip, you are able to save the location easily to revisit on future trips, without the need to share with others if you do not want to. You are also able to see the available gas, food, and entertainment along your projected route.