Upgrade to the G-Lite Awning Lighting Systems!

Upgrade to the G-Lite Awning Lighting Systems!


If you’re considering purchasing a Girard RV awning, consider also getting it with the G-Lite Awning Lighting System--lights built right into your awing! No other awning has this feature. It gives you the ability to enjoy your awning all night, ensuring visibility and safety while walking around your RV in the dark.

If you’ve already purchased your Girard RV awning and you don’t have the G-Lite Lighting System, you can upgrade your current awning to one with the G-Lite Awning Lighting System! We promise it is more than worth the investment--you will love being able to be outside and enjoy the night sky with a little light to help see around you!

Still unsure if this is a good investment for you and your family? Consider this: You have children running around. It would be much safer at night if they could see around the RV, or even see where the RV is at from a distance. It could prevent them from stepping on something or tripping over something and getting hurt.

If you don’t have kids, the same reasons go for you! You could trip in the dark, but with the lighting from Girard’s RV awning lighting system, you can see and make your way around safely. Plus, you can see your friends and family better to have those awesome late night (or all night, we don’t judge!) conversations!

If you’re considering adding the G-Lite Awning Lighting System to your awning, contact us at Girard Group Companies! Click here to reach out and talk to us! Give us a call or shoot us an email today!