The Best Ever Stuffing

The Best Ever Stuffing


So, we all have a stuffing we love at Thanksgiving, and usually, it is a recipe passed down in the family line. Today, all stuffings will be challenged by what is believed to be the World’s Best Stuffing. Of course, many will argue seasoning, but this stuffing’s basis is bread. Do not use croutons or stuffing mix. To truly make this the best stuffing, you do need to bake homemade bread, but if you don’t have time or the ability, order 3 loaves of bread from a local bakery: a white, wheat, and pumpernickel. Yes, you need all three. It is a must!

Once you have the 3 loaves of bread, the night before you make the stuffing, rip or cut up the loaves of bread up in 2-inch chunks and leave them to sit out to stale. This way, when you add liquid, it really absorbs.

When you are ready to make the stuffing, you need to put all the seasoning on the stale bread. 

Begin with 2 TLBS of salt, 1 tsp pepper, ½ tsp garlic, 2-3 tsp poultry seasoning,  ½ tsp rosemary, and 2 bay leaves ripped into pieces. Toss with the bread. In a saute pan melt one stick of butter - use the real stuff- with ½ an onion minced and 2 ribs of celery finely chopped

Begin moistening the stuffing with Turkey Stock or Broth (you will need about 2 quarts of this), then add the melted butter and mix. Continue to add stock until all the bread is no longer dry. Add 2 eggs (I would whisk them up first) and mix everything well. 

Put stuffing into a buttered baking pan, and bake at 350 for about 1 hour or until fully heated

Enjoy with your favorite meat -- especially turkey!!