Tankless Water Heater for Off-Grid Use

Tankless Water Heater for Off-Grid Use

Hot Water on Demand

A Tankless water heater eliminates lag time waiting for a heatup between hot water uses. With many tank hot water systems you have to wait between showers, doing laundry, dishes and any other activities, which can delay your enjoyment of having family outings. They may also take a while to heat when they are being used for the first time of the day. With a tankless unit this is simply not the case. There is no long route of pipes for the water to pass and no ice cold water to heat up slowly again and again.​

Endless Supply of Water

With a tankless water heater, there will be no shortage of hot water. It can provide sufficient supply for the entire vehicle even if all the faucets in the RV are being used at the same time. Water will not freeze during winter provided that the hot water from the heater continues to flow through the pipes.​

Easy-to-adjust Temperature

Tankless water heaters come from a variety of manufacturers. Girard's new GSWH-2 has an onboard micro-processor monitors the incoming cold water temperature, the flow rate and the outgoing hot water temperature to maintain a constant, steady hot water flow. The interior wall mounted digital controller shows the operating functions, allows for temperature setting from 95°F to 124°F, it also can be changed to Celsius.

Space Saving and No Winterization

With all the things your family brings along you don't need a water tank taking up room you could use. It's completely possible to fit your tankless water heater into the space where your tank was and reclaim space.

No Tank

As the name implies, tankless water heaters have no need of a tank. No extra water weight to carry around, and no leaky fittings to flood your floor. One less item that needs winterized.​

The GSWH-2 tankless water heater by Girard Products

This unit can generate 18 liters per min. It uses 4.75gpm liquid propane fuel. It is made of stainless steel which prevents it from corroding. Also, it is designed with an LCD screen to observe your instant temperature. It uses less propane than a standard water heater, and it is efficient in use, making it perfect for off-grid activities. It has a unique automatic electrical pulse ignition as well as it lacks a standing pilot. This operates on 2 D batteries so it can be used in areas with limited electricity supply. It is approved by the ISO, and it is CE certificated. It is rated to have an input power of 32 KW and eighty-five percent thermal efficiency.