Strange and Beautiful Museums

Strange and Beautiful Museums


For the typical enthusiast, museums are a wonderful place to learn about art, natural history, science or technology. More specific industry museums are not difficult to find either, whether it be automobiles, fashion, or pottery. For those with more esoteric taste however, we present 5 of the coolest museums in the United States. 


The International Spy Museum - Washington D.C. 

The International Spy Museum is the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage. The artifacts showcase famous spies along with their tools, strategies, and techniques used in some of the most secretive missions ever brought to light. The mission of the Spy Museum is to educate the public about espionage and intelligence in an engaging way and to provide a context that fosters understanding of their important role in and impact on current and historic events.  


The Bigfoot Discovery Museum - Felton, CA 

Located in Felton, California, The Bigfoot Discovery Museum includes exhibits of local history, sightings, and culture related to Bigfoot, including plaster foot prints from several sightings. There are exhibits both inside and around the main building, a nocturnal diorama, and an audio-video outdoor "cafe" area showing many documentaries about (you guessed it) Bigfoot. Thanks to family permission, the famous Patterson/Gimlin film footage is among the video documentaries available for visitor viewing.   


The Voodoo Museum - New Orleans, LA 

Since opening in 1972, this museum has accumulated objects from all over the globe, plus some articles that allegedly belonged to the legendary Marie Laveau. Given the rich history of the deceased in New Orleans, walking tours are available at the museum for some of the more illustrious cemeteries, haunts, and historical buildings. In the museum, you will find historic voodoo relics, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts. 


The Museum of Bad Art - Somerville, MA 

The world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all of its forms. At nearly 600 pieces of the best "worst" art from around the world, the MOBA has been in operation since 1994. MOBA is a small museum in three buildings with 70-80 pieces displayed at any given time and celebrates the labor of artists whose work would be displayed and appreciated in no other forum. 


The Museum of the Weird - Austin, TX 

In the heart of Austin’s famous Sixth Street lies the city’s most curious and mysterious gift shop, The Lucky Lizard. In the back of the shop is what some call Austin’s best kept secret… The Museum of the Weird. With such exquisite displays as a two-headed chicken, a pickled hand, live tarantulas, and a life-sized figure of the Minnesota Iceman, the Museum of the Weird is the last true dime museum of circus sideshow attractions. Stop in at the Lucky Lizard after your visit to pickup a pair of x-ray glasses and a whoopee cushion.