Spring Brunch: Decor and Menu Sample

Spring Brunch: Decor and Menu Sample


The Decor

With spring just around the corner, we can start looking forward to more and more outdoor meals! Those of you in the south have been doing this year-round, but for those of us up north, we can’t wait to be able to set up a perfectly themed meal for family and friends. So, why not celebrate the start of spring with a delicious and beautiful brunch?

One of the most important parts of an outing like this, is the decoration. People love seeing décor that matches the theme of the party, even if it’s just for a spring brunch. Flowers, leafy vines, mason jars and lace are all things that come to mind when thinking of spring. Here are some amazing, simple and beautiful DIY crafts and decorations to set up under your Girard awning!

Flower and Lace Table Setting

This is super simple and super cute. All you need is a pastel-colored table cloth of your choice, large lace doilies, cloth napkins to make the table cloth and some faux flowers of your choice. After you have your table set up, cover it with the table cloth. At each seat, place a lace doily so it drapes part way down over the edge of the table. Set your dinner plates and salad plates on top of this to hold it down. Set the rest of the silverware and glasses up around the plates as well.

Next, fold your napkin. Follow this tutorial on how to fold a rose out of the cloth napkin. Place this on the center of the salad plate—this is a super simple and beautiful trick that will be sure to awe your guests!

Now, simply scatter the faux flowers along the center length of the table. If you are using a pitcher for drinks, place that in the middle and weave the flowers around where it will sit. If you prefer, you can use real flowers and scatter those instead of faux flowers.

Vines for Your Awning and Chairs

Faux vines work best for this and they’re easiest to find. Simply just pin them up around your Girard awning for a simple and elegant look. Wrap them around the back of the chairs too for a touch of green at your table. You can incorporate flowers into these vines too by hot gluing them onto the vines. This will add another pop of color!

Keep It Simple

Spring is a great time for simplicity. Keep your décor simple and elegant. It will be less to clean up after your event and it will be just as pretty. Don’t feel like you need to decorate ever bit of your RV just to impress guests—the food will do the rest! I

If it rains that day, just do the decorating inside! Don’t worry about decorating the entire interior of your RV either—just do the dining area! Place vases of flowers around your RV if you want that fresh spring look. Your guests will love it no matter what!

The Food

Springtime brunch isn’t brunch with only décor—you need the perfect menu to go with it! Brunch, for those of you who don’t know, is breakfast and lunch smashed together and eaten in the late morning, around 10:30. Having a printed off menu is a simple and cute way to tell your guests what you’re serving them. Make sure you include drinks on the menu too! You can use this one or create your own. Click the links in the items to get to the recipes!

Welcome Spring Brunch


Strawberry Rosenade – lemonade with Rose and fresh strawberries

Sun Tea – tea brewed in the sun over ice

Citrus Water – water with lemon and lime


Vegetable Crudité – with herbed tahini and spicy citrus yogurt dips

Cajun Shrimp Bake -- spicy, full of veggies and rice

Salmon Cakes – served on strawberry goat cheese almond salad

Watermelon Cakes – watermelon layered with citrus whipped topping