Spooky Halloween Snacks

Spooky Halloween Snacks


Parties are easiest when the food is finger food and appetizers. Little things you can grab, set on a plate and go socialize with. Halloween parties are no different! Plus, you can make them themed, which is exactly what we have in store for you! Here are five of our favorite Halloween themed snacks: 


Lady Finger Cookies


Sugar cookie dough (store bought is perfect!)

Raspberry jam

Sliced almonds

Red food coloring

Black food coloring

6 tbsp Powdered sugar



Roll your cookie dough into “finger” shapes. Make creases where knuckles would be and press an almond where the nail would be. Bake as directed until done. 

While baking, place 3 tbsp of powdered sugar into two separate bowls. Add 3 drops of black coloring to one and 6 red to the other. Mix together with just enough water to make a paste. (Add a little vanilla if you want some flavor.)

Once your cookies are done, allow them to cook for a bit. Using a paintbrush, take the black mixture and line around the nail to make it look dirty. You can smudge some along the rest of the cookie too, just very lightly. Using a different brush, use the red around the nail and down the finger to make it look a little bloody. You can add extra red depending on how bloody you want your cookies to look! Dip the end in some raspberry jam to give them a severed look. Lay out on a platter and serve! 


Devil’s Eggs


6 hard boiled eggs, unpeeled

Black food coloring

Green food coloring

½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup pickle relish

Salt and pepper to taste



Crush the shell on the egg by breaking it on the counter and rolling it. Leave the shell on and place all the bags in a plastic bag. Add some water and black food coloring and let the eggs sit for a few minutes in the dye. Finish peeling the eggs. They should look like they are rotten and black and grey. 

Cut the eggs in half longways and remove the yolk. Combine the yolks, mayonnaise, relish and salt and pepper. Add about 3-5 drops of green food coloring. Fill your eggs with the yolk mixture and serve these creepy snacks!


Hot Dog Mummies


1 package hotdogs

1 roll of crescent dough



Cut the hotdogs in half to make mini hotdogs. Cut the dough into strips and wrap around the hotdog as if it were a mummy. Leave a little slit for the eyes. 

Bake at 350 until the dough is done (it will be golden). Using the ketchup, carefully place little dots for the eyes where you left the slits. Serve! 


Cauldron Dip


1 loaf pumpernickel bread

1 bag frozen spinach, thawed

1 packet Knorr vegetable mix

1 can water chestnuts, chopped

1 tsp garlic, minced

1 tsp thyme

1 block cream cheese

¾ cup mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

Chips or crackers of your choosing



Hollow out the loaf of bread as if it were a bread bowl. Mix your spinach, Knorr packet, water chestnuts, garlic, thyme, cream cheese and mayonnaise together. Dump into the bread cauldron and serve! 


Tip: Have some of the dip overflowing like a potion in a cauldron! If you don’t like spinach dip, use guacamole or whatever dip you like! 


Graveyard Cups


Chocolate pudding


Gummy worms

Pumpkin candies

Nutter Butter Cookies

Decorating Icing



Prepare the pudding as directed. In separate cups, portion out the pudding. Crush the Oreos and place on top of the pudding. Stick a gummy worm or two into the Oreos. Carefully write “RIP” on the nutter butters and place in the cup to be a headstone. 

If you have any other creative ideas on things to add, let us know!