Selecting an RV to Go Off the Grid

Selecting an RV to Go Off the Grid


Glamping is a wonderfully luxurious experience but sometimes it's great to get away deep into the wilderness. During these camping trips, you'll want to have an RV that can accommodate "off the grid" Boondocking (RVing without hookups). Here are a few quick tips to help you in your pursuit of the perfect RV that has all the conveniences of home yet allows you to get lost in the wilderness.

Size Matters

The most common types of RVs for Boondocking are Class C's or small Class A's because they are able to fit on back roads and into camping spots that larger units wouldn't be able to. Some mountain roads will have switchbacks that won't fit larger RVs such as the Pacific Coast Highway, in California. Having a long RV doesn't mean that you can't go off the grid camping, it means you'll have to do research beforehand and be more selective in where you go. Using sites like are great for helping you find the spot of your dreams.

Tank Size

While Boondocking, water is usually the biggest concern for extended stays. There are many ways to conserve your fresh water like, military showers, using paper plates and fewer dishes, for example. Even with these techniques, fresh water is still a premium for Boondockers. The larger the fresh water tank the longer you can stay out of civilization. Gray and black tanks are the next concern, look for an RV that has extra tanks for extended use.


LED lights are an effective way of saving your battery life when you're not plugged into electric. It's also effective in keeping cool on hot summer days without the use of your ac unit, which can consume a lot of energy.

Fueling Station

If you're going to be boondocking off the grid you will at some point need to use electricity. To recharge the battery, you'll want to run the generator which uses fuel. Many Toy Hauler RVs come with fueling stations. This is handy for either filling up your toys (dirt bikes, 4 wheelers) or to refuel your generator. This will extend the amount of time you can stay away from hookups.

Storage Space

Supplies come at a premium when you're in the middle of nowhere. You'll have to bring food, games, and whatever else you need to stay comfortable out in the boondocks. When RV shopping, you'll notice there is a huge variety of storage space options. Think about what you'll need to store for longer trips away from civilization when deciding. Another common technique for boon dockers is to utilize toy haulers as storage rooms to make sure you have everything you need on the trip.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are fantastic ways to recharge your batteries without the use of your generator. This isn't something that comes stock on RVs. While shopping for a new or used RV, make sure your RV has room to fit the number of solar panels that you need.

Are you a boon docker? Would you add anything to the list?