RV Travel Tips for the Holidays

RV Travel Tips for the Holidays


The holiday season is a wonderful time for traveling and spending time with family. Having an RV means that you bring your own accommodations with you. But before you go, here are some tips to make sure that everyone has an optimal time while spending the holidays on the road. 


Make sure that your RV is properly winterized and accommodated for cold weather camping and travel. RV antifreeze and a bypass system are a must to avoid freezing pipes and tanks. A quality electric heater is nice to have along for cold temperatures at night. 


A reader in Albuquerque recommends bringing wrapping paper, bows, and scotch tape. Pull up to the mall or local department store in your RV, do all of your holiday shopping, then walk across the parking lot to your warm and festive road home where holiday music and hot chocolate await for wrapping all of your gifts. Get all your holiday cards written from the road while you're at it. 


Enroll in a discount camping group like Passport America (https://passportamerica.com/netid/rvs_1064) where deals on shoulder season camping accommodations are plentiful. Commit your new year resolutions to using the membership for the coming year of travel on the road, and perhaps purchase another as a gift for other RV travel buddies. Or, if visiting family on the road, consider asking for driveway space instead of a guest bed. 


Go South or toward the beach and get out of the cold weather. Take a break from shoveling and driving in the snow and ice and enjoy the holidays with the sun on your skin or toes in the sand. Nobody ever said that winter holidays have to be bitter cold to put you in the spirit of celebration. 


Bring your holiday decorations with you. Most department stores sell solar and battery operated string lights for decorating. In a pinch, a small artificial tree, a nativity scene for the dashboard, a menorah for the dining space, or some colorful paper lanterns for Diwali can help get everyone in the holiday spirit. And if you're on a budget, take your cues from nature with a festive basket of pine cones or handmade wreath. Just be sure to ask about collecting natural materials where you are camped and respect local flora and fauna.  


Another reader in San Diego recommends bringing a large electric coffee percolator making a pot of spiced cider or mulled wine to share with neighbors and friends. Why not take it one step further and visit your neighbors in the RV park with songs of holiday cheer and invite them to come visit for holiday beverages afterward. 


 Finally, bring along the comforts of a traditional family home holiday. Ingredients for your favorite holiday cookies or candy, gift stockings and temporary hooks to hang them by, holiday music and movies, ugly holiday sweaters for an impromptu RV park party... the possibilities are endless and make for a fun surprise for kids and adults alike.