RV Campground Reviews

RV Campground Reviews

Picking an RV Park

RVing solves the issue of deciding where to sleep during your travels, but the question remains of where to park your vehicle while you sleep. While it would be possible to simply pull off the side of the road or into a rest area, RV parks and campgrounds offer a superior option. With all of the available amenities at the RV parks, on top of not needing to struggle with your luggage between your vehicle and a hotel, the parks are fully equipped to meet every need for an overnight or extended stay.

Amenities Vary From RV Park to RV Park - Choose the Park to Meet Your Needs

These amenities vary from serviceable to luxurious by site. Sites that offer full hookup services advertise water, power, and sewer services, partial hookup services exclude either one or two of the previous services, and dry camping sites are for campers that require no services at all. The offering of these services can set up the feel for the park in general, as it would be safe to assume the site will prove to be more rustic, while full hookups may prove to support “glamping” or glamorous camping. Amenities one might find at these glamping sites include laundry services, pools, fitness centers, organized activities, etc.  In contrast, the rustic sites could simply be campgrounds intended for primary tent or cabin use with an area designated for RVs.

Visiting a Website Lets You Know About Accommodations

Fortunately, there are a few reliable websites that offer reviews for those seeking specific levels of comfort. Long-term stays in these parks have become popular among snowbirds for their winter stays down South. Some, upon finding a park they particularly enjoy, return to the same park for years and add a sense of community to the list of amenities. Arizona, Texas, California, South Carolina, and Florida are reputed to be the most popular snowbird states that also have the best available RV parks.

RV Websites to Help You Choose

On the other end of the spectrum are the road warriors who seek only to stop when sleep is necessary, and then pulling through and continuing on their journey in the morning. For this end, the various levels of hookup services available would be the largest concern, to determine if a site would be suitable. Handily, there are three main websites that are trusted for their reviews of RV parks: RVBuddy (www.rvbuddy.com), Campendium (www.campendium.com), and RV Park Reviews (www.rvparkreviews.com). These websites have an interactive map, where the user is able to select their destination area, and from there they can read reviews of the available parks and make their selection from there. RVBuddy has the unique option to select your driving route and see the reviews for parks along the way, and RV Park Reviews has the largest database of reviews of the three. Campendium and RV Park Reviews have detailed lists of amenities, hookups, price range, and connectivity abilities by site on top of individual differences in rating systems, whereas RVBuddy’s review system is more traditional insofar as the reviews are text-based. Through a mix of all these tools, any RV traveler can plan the best stops for their home on wheels.