Pros of Glamping

Pros of Glamping


If you RV, you’re bound to have heard the term glamping. However, if you’re newer to it, glamping is the word “glamorous” and the word “camping” shoved together. Glamorous camping, glamping. Get it? We think it’s clever too. 


Glamping is exactly what it sounds like. Camping, but with extras to make it fancy and more luxurious then pitching a tent and cooking all your food over a fire. Many people consider RVing in general to be glamping, but that really is a matter of opinion. However, there really aren’t any cons to glamping! We’ve compiled a list of pros to convince you to give glamping a try if you haven’t already! 


Bad weather? No problem! With glamping, you’re safe from just about any time of crummy weather. Extreme heat, extreme cold, strong winds, snow, and rain, you can easily escape it inside your RV. Plus, with having electricity, you can keep yourself (or your kids!) entertained during bad weather too. Throw on a movie and enjoy a family movie day! 


Indoor kitchens are also a huge pro to glamping. You have a much wider range of food you can cook inside on a stove or in an oven than you do over an open fire. Plus, once again, when the weather is bad, you can easily cook dinner inside rather than struggling outside. 


Comfortable beds are a big one for many people. Sleeping bags are not comfortable and the ground is definitely not ideal (or soft). Air mattresses, while better than the ground, often deflate throughout the night and are still just not as comfortable as the residential mattresses that come in most RVs. Even the sleeper sofas are comfier than an air mattress! 


Private bathrooms are much cleaner than the public ones at campgrounds. You don’t have to worry about shower shoes because you know exactly who has used your shower! Plus, no waiting to use the bathroom or the shower. It’s right there!