Propane Safety Tips For Your RV

Propane Safety Tips For Your RV


Don't have a disastrous situation on your hands because of a propane accident! These are easily avoidable--or at least easily lessened--by practicing RV propane safety. Here are some of the number one things to remember about your RV's propane tanks! 

First is to shut off all appliances when you stop to refuel. There are pilot lights with many things (stove, water heater, refrigerator, etc.) that would come in contact with gas or propane fumes. This, in turn, would cause an explosion lead to severe injury or death of everyone in the RV or immediate area. While it seems like a lot of extra work, it is definitely worth it! 

Next, make sure you check for propane or gas leaks. You can do this by walking around doing general maintenance on your RV. Sometimes you can smell it too. It is recommended to test this at least once a year with a professional. 

If you do happen to smell gas or propane, shut everything off IMMEDIATELY. Do not take a chance and turn anything on--an explosion could happen in seconds. If you aren't sure of the smell, it can smell like sewer gas or even rotting flesh. If you smell any noxious odors, evacuate the RV right away and get it checked out! Do not take any chances!

Don't become a disaster story by ignoring the signs and tips. Be careful and take extra caution when it comes to the propane or gas tanks!