Outdoor Family Movie Night

Outdoor Family Movie Night


Aside from tailgating, another huge pro to having a Girard Outdoor TV Box is movie nights with the family! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and set up a little tent near the TV and watch away!


Start preparing for your outdoor family movie night earlier in the day. You want to start the movie just as the sun starts to set, so make sure you have everything ready. Here’s a checklist of things you should remember to do:

  • Set up a tent to lay under. This makes it extra fun for kids. If you don’t want a tent or if you don’t have a tent, set up chairs around the TV.

  • Pick out the movie you want to watch. Or movies! There really is no limit!

  • Choose and make snacks. Movies are best with popcorn, chips, trail mix, ice cream--you name it! You can even have a fire going nearby and make smores!

  • Gather blankets and pillows. This could be part of setting up the tent, but you can always do this closer to the time to watch. Blankets are cozy and cozying up under a blanket while watching a movie is always great!

  • Play the movie and cuddle up! You can invite some of your neighbors to enjoy this outdoor movie night with you if you want!


Now, just enjoy time with your family! Oh, you can also do this with friends for a slumber party! This makes a super fun sleepover birthday party for kids too!