Outdoor Entertainment Tips

Outdoor Entertainment Tips


Camping means being outdoors, and a fun way to be outdoors is by having outdoor parties to entertain yourself, your friends and your camping neighbors! Inviting people over to celebrate holidays or to tailgate, or just because can be so fun! Regardless, it’s more than just invites, drinks and food, and we’re here to help you out! Here are four tips to help plan the perfect outdoor parties this year!


  1. Themes. No matter what the occasion is, you need to choose a theme and stick to it! If your tailgating, choose the theme to be whatever team or teams you’re rooting for. If it’s a holiday, clearly choose a theme that revolves around that holiday. If the occasion is for a birthday, anniversary or ‘just because,’ then be as creative as you want!

  2. Decorations. Make sure the decorations match the theme! It wouldn’t make much sense to be celebrating Christmas with Thanksgiving decorations, would it? You can never go wrong with looking for decorations at a party store, but try looking online for deals or try a dollar store if you want to save a buck or two! You can use as many decorations, or as few, as you want!

  3. Food and Drinks. Sometimes it can be fun to coordinate the food and drinks with the theme. For example, if you’re having a birthday party and the theme is “By the Seaside,” it could be fun to make foods that represent the beach--cookies that look like seashells, blue punch to represent the water, a cake shaped like a mermaid--the ideas are endless! If you’re having a hard time with this, try looking on Pinterest--you’re sure to get a great idea there! Also, finger foods are the best for parties--less cleanup and they’re much easier to eat and serve!

  4. Games and Activities. Depending on the reason for celebrating, you will probably want some sort of game. Again, if you can, think of games to match the theme! If not, then do games that everyone loves like cornhole and horseshoes. Have a campfire going, too! This will be especially fun at night to have the warmth and light from it.