Must Haves for the RVing Parent

Must Haves for the RVing Parent

Decibel App

Did you know babies are in big danger of hearing damage if they are in an environment with noise over 100 decibels and even 90 decibels if it’s for an extended period of time? Don’t be stuck at an event, restaurant or anywhere with loud music wondering if you’re hurting your kid's health when you can just check the app and know for sure.

Baby Monitors mean you can enjoy the fire without worrying about the kidsBaby Monitor

Yep, this is a must if you ever want to make it out to the campfire after the kids are put down to bed. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of a day of exploring around the campground.

Walmart App

Everybody wants a deal and an often stop for many RVers is Walmart. What a lot of people don’t know is that on their app they have a savings checker where it automatically looks at all the things you bought and the cost from their competitors and it price matches it for you automatically. So just by taking this extra step you put money directly into your pocket!

Off-road/jogging stroller

Some campgrounds are going to have rough roads, trails, and paths. A stroller with big inflated wheels is key when you’re out in many rural campgrounds. A hike in the stroller is also a great way to be able to enjoy time outside with a good chance of the kids falling asleep.Hiking backpacks are great for taking the kids to enjoy the outdoors

Hiking Backpack

Looking to do a long trek into the wilderness… with your kid? Some areas you have no chance of bringing a stroller and some situations call for a beefy backpack to sling your kid up top.

Dog to clean up the messWe highly recommend a dog to help with clean up

Kids make massive messes with their food. A good ole 4 legged companion does a great job of doing the initial cleanup phase on the back of an RV Deck.

Small size crib

Every possible way to save space in your RV is a good idea. Did you know they make space-saving cribs? They are excellent alternatives for RVers to travel with a baby.  Another great option is using a pack and play, although that’s more of a short-term solution.