Music Festivals for Your RV Travels

Music Festivals for Your RV Travels

It has been said that music serves many purposes and that the same song that is catchy when you are happy speaks to your soul when you are sad. Music also brings people together, which is evidenced by the existence and popularity of music festivals. Whether it is electronic dance music (EDM), jazz, or everything in between, there is a crowd for every genre and a festival worth planning a trip around.

The Electric Forest Music Festival Lights up the forest with fun, music, and lighting displaysElectric Forest: 

Located in Rothbury, MI, this festival features EDM music. It is set apart by the locations, which is a forest as the name suggests, versus the typical flat field or city spaces, most other festivals occupy. On top of the body shaking bass that is typical of EDM, this festival has included experiments such as a performance where attendees were silent and experienced the performance via supplied headphones. (
Bonaroo has breathtaking views and lively music

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival:

This four-day summer festival in Tennessee has risen to renown so far as to be recognized by Rolling Stone magazine. In the beginning, it was primarily focused on jam bands but has expanded and diversified to include most genres. Drawing inspiration from the rock concerts of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, this festival features live acts on multiple stages starting at noon and continuing well into the wee hours of the next morning. (

Firefly music festivalFirefly Music Festival:

Firefly sets itself apart through its organization process, as it is fan-curated. Organizers use a series of online discussions and surveys to involve the community. Through this process, the acts have proven to be well mixed between contemporary and oldies music, mixing newer acts such as Ke$ha with the ever talented Bob Dylan. This festival is also new enough that the space is still being defined, which is currently full of camping area and opportunity. The abundance of open air in Dover, DE makes this the perfect travel opportunity. Bringing your own hammock is highly encouraged. (

Jazz Fest:The New Orleans Jazz Fest is like visiting a mini Mardi Gras with fun, food , costumes and Jazz music galore. A Must See.

Also known as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, this festival takes place in one of the most interesting cities in the country. Taking place over two weekends, this is a tourist event that is topped only by Mardi Gras as a tourist destination for the city. While deviating from the previous entries on this list by not being an opportunity to camp, this festival dates back to 1970 and has seen some of the greats, like the incomparable Aretha Franklin. (

Coachella, a definative music festival and a bucket list must!Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival:

Also known just as Coachella, which no discussion of popular music festivals would be complete without discussing. Starting as a protest movement in 1999, it has transformed into the definitive music festival of the season and a popular bucket list destination. Located in Indio, CA, the event takes place over two back to back three-day weekends in April featuring mostly identical lineups. With its rise in popularity, camping has been included as part of the experience for the past fifteen years, making it an ideal vacation for music lovers everywhere. (