Motorsport Camping

Motorsport Camping


With housing developments, cities and culdesacs, most people don’t have the ability to walk outside and enjoy their favorite motorsports on a high level. 

That’s where RVing comes in; you can head to the best places in the country to rev up your engines and fly down the trail or track.  



Whether you’re a fan ready to watch your favorite racecar driver or you’re the driver ready to hit the gas, most raceways offer RV Camping so you can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the races.  


ATV Racing 

Four-wheeler, quad, ATV, side-by-sides; whatever you call it, we call it a good time. Camping nearby trails or tracks that allow you to slam the gas outside of your RV is going to be a good time.  



Fire up your sled and hit the trails! That’s one way to enjoy snowmobiling but another interesting way is an RV Event that allows snowmobiles to drag race on the grass in the summer.  


Dirt Biking 

I use to look at dirt biking magazines as a kid and always dreamed of visiting those insane areas in the desert where people can fly around on dirt bikes in wide-open spaces. Fast forward to today and now we can just load up in our RV and head to areas like Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, etc.  


Dune Riding 

Similar to the dirt biking, you can camp directly on Sand Dunes, wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and head out riding on top of the sand.  


Golf Carting 

Although not as exciting as riding a 4 wheeler through the forest, golf carts are excellent for zipping around the campground or locally. Some popular camping areas like Myrtle Beach, SC allow Golf Carts to drive on the roads around town.  


Sports Cars 

There are campgrounds that cater to sports car enthusiasts. We’ve seen people who travel with their sports cars behind their RVs so they can fly around the local roads. We’ve also been at campgrounds that offer exotic sport car rentals to their campers.  



Boating and camping go hand in hand. Whether you enjoy tossing a line out to reel in the big one, cruising the lake, or to pull a water skier; a boat at the campground will help you make friends lol.  


Tractor Pull 

If you’re camping out in the country, check locally for a tractor pull. If you’ve never been it will blow your mind. It’s simple, the tractor that pulls the weight the furthest wins. Often these will be held at county fairs that allow RVs.