Make Sure You Put These Festivals on Your Must See List!

Make Sure You Put These Festivals on Your Must See List!

There are multiple ways to measure the progression of the year. Be it a calendar, the seasons, or tasks to be completed, there is always something new coming up on the horizon to make life exciting. Perhaps the most known seasonal migration of people is snow birding, where some seek to escape an undesirably harsh winter in the northern states in favor of passing the season in a relatively mild experience in the southern states. There are also various reasons to move around the county, albeit for a significantly shorter amount of time.

Tulip Time FestivalTulip Time Festival:

Located in Holland, MI, this annual festival began in 1929 as a result of the area being settled by a large number of Dutch immigrants and blossomed from a 1927 community project. Today the festival includes performances by music groups and other artists, multiple parades, a Dutch market, dancing, and a craft fair. Running from the first Saturday in May to the second Sunday, this makes a lovely spring break destination for adults who do not wish to participate in the culture surrounding the college-aged version. (

National Cherry Blossom Festival:

Speaking of potential adult spring break destinations, this festival in Washington D.C.Cherry Blossom Festival takes place the latter half of March through the first half of April when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom to commemorate the 1927 gift from the then mayor of Tokyo. There are multiple specialized events such as the Pink-tie Party, opening ceremonies, celebrations at the Smithsonian and Library of Congress, the Cherry Blossom Freedom Walk, etc. to make this an especially eventful time to visit the nation’s capital. Since cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time in the year, the occasion to see them is made even more special due to its temporary nature.  (

Taste of ChicagoTaste of Chicago:

While Chicago is a popular extended Memorial Day weekend destination for those in the Midwest, any food lover would take a moment to experience this festival at the beginning of July. Chicago is a foodie’s city with its diversity in flavors available, so a food festival with it all on display is not to be missed.  (

Renaissance Festivals:Renaissance Festivals

It seems that every state has its own version that typically runs from Labor Day weekend through the end of October. Taking a journey back in time through these immersive experiences is not only a great way to spend a weekend, but they typically only take up one day. This leaves at least only one other day in the weekend to thoroughly explore the area around for any other attractions such as local breweries, wineries, or hiking trails. A list of Renaissance Festivals can be found at: Just put in the location where you will be, and this site will let you know what fairs are near you!

Art BaselArt Basel:

This winter art festival takes place in three cities on three different continents, with the stateside city being Miami Beach, FL. For those who foster an interest in the art world and snowbird, this is the perfect opportunity to make a trip to keep current on modern art trends. With the availability of culture, local fine dining, and ideal weather, this is an excellent way to relax between major holidays and pass the ending of the year. (