Laundromat Courtesy

Laundromat Courtesy

While many of us do have a washer and dryer in our RVs, many of us don’t. When that’s the case, we need to take our clothes to a laundromat. We might also need a laundromat when we need to wash sheets and blankets--the larger size washers and dryers at the laundromat are better for blankets and sheets. Sometimes RV parks or resorts have laundromats, other times you need to find one. Whatever the case, it’s good to have special courtesy at the laundromat. 


Most of you veteran RVers probably already know the basics of being polite at the laundromat, and even some of you who are newer to RVing. But for those of you who aren’t accustomed to using the laundromat or if you just need a refresher, we have tips to help make your laundromat visits a breeze!


Of course, an obvious is do not touch other people’s laundry or use their detergent/softeners! If you need to use a dryer and they are all full, don’t remove another person’s laundry for them. Just be patient and your turn will come! 


If you spill any liquid detergents or powdered detergents (or anything!) clean it up. Don’t leave it to set and dry or risk a hazard for a person to slip on. Take a moment and wipe up the spill. Tip: use your clothes if you can! After all, they need the soap anyways!


Don’t take any change that’s sitting on top of a dryer or washer. Chances are, that person accidentally left it and will need it. Or, they set it there for a moment while they needed to grab something else. 


Don’t use all the washers and dryers at a time, especially if there are a lot of people there. We all want to get in and get out, but if other people are there needing to wash their laundry, only use one or two. It will take longer, but you aren’t being disrespectful to the other laundromat users. 


Most of all, just be kind to other people there! You might make some new friends!