Interior Decorating: Make Your RV Feel Like Home

Interior Decorating: Make Your RV Feel Like Home


Homesickness happens even if you’ve been anticipating your vacation since you got home from your last one. It’s totally normal to miss what you’re so accustomed to after being away for so long. However, there is a solution that could help this! Decorate the interior of your RV so it feels just like your home!

You don’t need to make it exactly like your house, but if you have some similar decorations, it could help. For example, hang up some paintings if you have paintings at your house. Family pictures always make a room feel more homey, especially if you’re going to be away from them for extended periods of time. Here are some great ideas to help make your RV feel just like your new home:


  1. Hang up pictures or paintings or have artwork placed about your RV. As mentioned above, having the walls filled with family pictures or paintings--or any artwork for that matter--will help bring a cozy feeling into your RV, making it feel like home. They can bring about a welcoming feeling that might not have been there fully before. Add some pictures your kids or grandkids have drawn or painted for you, too!

  2. Add throw pillows and blankets to chairs and couches. Just like your furniture at home, you’ll want to cozy up next to your loved ones and you won't even realize you’re in your RV! It adds a little flare, especially if you use the same taste of decor that you use in your house.

  3. Rugs! Almost everyone I know has at least one rug in their house, either in their living room or kitchen. Add a decorative rug to your living space and maybe a cushiony one where you stand the most in the kitchen.

  4. Curtains. Buy fun--or pretty--curtains for each set of windows. You can buy different ones for the kitchen and living area then the bedrooms. It adds a pop of color to help brighten up your home on wheels!

  5. Potted and hanging plants. Not only will this help your RV feel more like home, but it will also help bring some more life into it! Place them by windows to get sunlight. Spider plants are easy hanging plants to care for. Succulents are beautiful and require minimal care.

  6. Have little things sitting around that you might have at home. Lotion, magazines, baskets of pet toys or knitting supplies--anything that you might have sitting on your tables or counters!