Holiday Table Setting Ideas

Holiday Table Setting Ideas


With winter in our midst, we have our snowbirds on the loose! Many of you are heading to Florida, Texas or Arizona to escape the cold, snowy winter months. If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to have a beautiful outdoor dining experience for the holidays under your Girard Awning! Here are some tips to create a gorgeous themed holiday for you and your family and friends to enjoy—and don’t forget to check out some of the holiday themed recipes like this strawberry orange sangria, this beef wellington and this gingerbread cake with sweet orange frosting! Remember, table settings are more than just the table—ambiance and decoration are key!

Turning Wine Glasses into Candle Holders

This is a super simple, super cute idea that will impress just about anyone. There are endless options, too! One of my favorites, and with this way you can reuse the glasses, is to just place some pine needles, or holly or other holiday plant inside the glass and stand it upside down. Little bauble ornaments are also super cute like this!


Another idea is to use the lid of a mason jar or a piece of carboard cut to fit the bottom of your glass. Using a hot glue gun, you can glue little figurines like trees, angels, ornaments, a Santa and presents to the base of the lid or cardboard. Then, you can add “snow” using glitter or little foam balls or even cotton balls. Then, using the hot glue, go around the edge of the lid or cardboard and carefully place the glass on top. Allow to dry over night and voila! You have a beautiful center piece. You can also use this method to keep the plant idea and then store it for next year! (Tip—these also make super cute DIY gifts!)

Make sure to use only tea lights, to prevent hot wax from melting everywhere—plus it makes clean up and replacing the candle easier.

Decorate the Area, too!

Many people just focus so much on the table setting, they forget to decorate the area around, too! Some quick, simple ideas for decorating your outdoor dining area, are to string lights up around your awning. Hang a few oversized baubles or stockings from it, too! Maybe set up a little tree nearby with lights on it, so when it gets dark you have the pretty glow from that as well.

You can also decorate the chairs by wrapping little holly twigs around it or pine needles. You can even add a few lights to the backs of the chairs! Poinsettia is also a very pretty decoration—just make sure if you have your cat with you, you keep the poinsettia away from the kitty; poinsettia is toxic to cats.

Hanging a pretty wreath or some bells from the RV door is also an option.

Plates, Silverware, Glasses and Napkins

You can’t eat dinner without plates and silverware! It’s always nice to have salad plates and dinner plates. Stack them so the dinner plate is on the bottom with the salad plate on top. And since it’s always nice to use cloth napkins, you can fold the napkin into a 3-inch strip and place between the plates and fold it under the dinner plate. It’s a simple yet classy look to your table setting. You can also follow the steps in this video to fold the napkin so it holds the silverware and place it on the top plate. 

Another cute idea for silverware, is to buy mini stockings and place them in the stocking! You can use these to also write the names of your guests on the stockings, so they know where to sit—use puff paint for that. If you choose to use the stockings for the silverware, you can follow this video to fold the napkin and place it in the water glass—a simple and classic look for your holiday table.

If you want to go a slightly more fun route, you can always set up your plates, napkin and silverware to look like a snowman, like in this picture!

The ideas for dinnerware are endless, and these are just a few! Get creative and put a spin on some of them to really bring your holiday party to life!