Hiking Around the States: Southern California

Hiking Around the States: Southern California


Solstice Canyon Trail, Santa Monica 

Only an hour drive from Los Angeles in the Santa Monica Mountains is Solstice Canyon. This canyon goes for a mile to explore the riparian habitat. There are trail markers built right into the trail, such as a perennial waterfall and the Robert Ranch House ruins. The Rising Sun Trail offers a more difficult hike and can be connected to the Solstice Canyons for a four-mile loop. 


Bridge to Nowhere, Angeles National Forest

This 10-mile round trip hike follows the banks of the East For of the San Gabriel River. Here, you see the attempted path of a highway that was meant to connect the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood. Now, all that’s left is the bridge. Hikers can enjoy the waters of the river, too! Check water levels, as flash flooding does occur along the route here. 

Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest

Located in the San Gabriel Mountains is one of the most popular waterfall hikes, Switzer Falls. It starts at the Switzer Falls Picnic Area and goes onto the Gabrielino Trail to end up at the beautiful two-tier Switzer Falls. 


Salt Creek Interpretive Trail, Death Valley National Park

This is one of the hottest and driest places on Earth! This trail tours the national park’s few places to find water. Visit between November and May--the high-salinity creek is at it’s heaviest flow. Check out other activities to do at Death Valley National Park! 


Smugglers Cove, Channel Islands National Park

If you want to hike at the Channel Islands National Park, you will need to take a ferry or seaplane to get there. No water or resources exist on the islands, so come prepared! The Smugglers Cove hike is an eight mile round trip with plenty of climbing.