Hiking Across the States: Tennessee

Hiking Across the States: Tennessee


Tennessee is one of the prettiest states we have, and if you love mountain hiking, then this is the state for you! 


White House Cliffs Trail

This trail is located in Rocky Fork State Park. It’s about 3 miles round trip--and it’s unmarked. So if adventure is your thing, then we definitely recommend this trail! (We also recommend a map.) The highest point on the trail is 3,340 feet above sea level--so bring your camera! You do not want to miss this photo op for some amazing pictures and memories? 

Starr Mountain 

This is located at Hiwassee/Ocoee State Park and is only 2.1 miles round trip--however, this hike is not for beginners. It goes straight up the mountain with no switchbacks. It takes about 2 hours depending on how long you stay at the summit, but the challenge is worth the view at the end--you won’t ever forget it! 


Buzzard Point

Buzzard Point is located at Laurel-Snow State National Park and is just under 10 miles round trip. This Park is named after two waterfalls and you will get to trek through the ruins of the state’s mining history, beautiful creeks and overlooks. To get to Buzzard Point, though, you will have to do some climbing, so come prepared for that. 


Virgin Falls State National Area

This waterfall is along a 9-mile round trip hike. It’s 110feet and absolutely gorgeous. Part way up the Virgin falls is an overlook with enough room for some tents. If you’re up for this adventure, you can camp right next to the water!