Hiking Across the States: Arizona

Hiking Across the States: Arizona


If you have a trip to Arizona planned, then this list may help you choose some hiking trails to check out! 


Bright Angel Trail

This trail is located in the Grand Canyon. It takes you from the edge of the south rim of the canyon down into the canyon itself! However, if you are afraid of heights, then this trail might not be for you--it sits right on the canyon wall and has huge drop-offs. 


Echo Canyon Trail

This trail is 3.5 miles long loop trail with a 454 foot elevation change. This trail will take you right through the heart of some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine. It will take you through narrow passages, spires and a slot in the rocks known best as “wall street.” 


Cathedral Rock

While this isn’t technically a trail, it is one of the most predominant landmarks in Sedona. While a lot of people go down to Oak Creek to look up at the views from below, hikers will go up to a saddle on the Cathedral Rock for even more beautiful views. While it is only about a mile long, it can be pretty steep and might require some climbing. 

Seven Falls Trail

This hike has a gorgeous crystal-clear pool, fed by a waterfall created from a mountain stream. The sight of the pool alone is reason enough to hike this trail, especially if it’s a hot day--yes, you can swim in it! The elevation for this trail goes from 720 to 900 feet.