Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas


Fall is a beautiful season. Warm colors, crisp air, late-blooming flowers--there are so many reasons why fall is amazing! So, it’s time to redecorate your RV for the fall! So, take down those summer decorations and get ready because we have some ideas and tips to help you decorate your RV for the fall! 


Pumpkins are a go-to. They’re pretty, colorful, relatively inexpensive and can be completely customized! Whether you choose to carve pumpkins or paint them, you can make pumpkins completely original. If that isn’t your thing, you can buy heirloom pumpkins to decorate with! Always check local farms for pumpkins--they usually have some unique kinds, plus you would be supporting a local business! 

For pumpkins, click here to read about pumpkin campfires! These look SUPER cute outside your RV!

Leaves are a pretty touch--however, we recommend buying fake ones. Real ones will fall apart and make a mess. Fake ones are just as pretty and can be placed on mantles, as centerpieces and even glued onto candle holders! 


Cornucopias are a pretty way to decorate. Place it on empty counter space or near your entertainment center. You can use real or fake fruits--whichever you prefer! If using real, make sure you eat and replace the fruit so it doesn’t rot.


Switch out pillow shams and throws for fall colors. A simple and easy way to welcome fall in! 


Hang a wreath on your door filled with sunflowers and pinecones. This will look super pretty and make you feel even more welcome in your RV!