Easy to Care For RV Pets

Easy to Care For RV Pets


Sometimes dogs are hard work--so are cats! And sometimes we have allergies to certain pets. However, that shouldn’t stop us from having them--and neither should RVing! We have made a list of RV-friendly pets that are easy to care for and still give the company any other pet would offer. 


If you have children, a pro to having a pet while you RV is to teach responsibility. Let them help to decide which pet to have and teach them how to care for their pet. 



Fish are relatively easy to care for, especially if you have a nicer tank that can self-clean. Choose between saltwater or freshwater fish and head toa pet supply store in buy everything you’ll need. If you have questions, the staff should be able to help you find exactly what you need. Make sure your fish tank is secure wherever you mount it to prevent it from accidentally falling while you travel. It might even be best to place it on the ground during travels. 


Reptiles or Amphibians

Pets like lizards, snakes, and frogs are easy to care for as well. You can even hold these pets, too! Do some research on which might be the best option for you. There are a number of breeds of each that you can choose from. Again, make sure during travels the tank is secure. 



We don’t recommend big birds as those need a lot of space. However, smaller birds--like song birds!--make fantastic pets. They are easy to care for and make pretty music for you to listen to in the morning. The cages are pretty stable and can be set on the ground for extra stability during travels. 


Gerbils and Rodents

Rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs or rats and mice are other great pets. These require a little bit more work but can be held a little more easily. Make sure to clean their cage daily to prevent it from giving your RV a slight smell, but daily maintenance should only take about 5 minutes. Plus, who doesn’t love their little noses!