Easter Dinner Menu

Easter Dinner Menu


Easter is a time of celebration, whether you go to church or just stay home and enjoy time with your family. It's a fun holiday for both kids and adults. Making Easter baskets full of candy, toys and activities for the kids to enjoy is almost as much fun (if not more) as actually getting the basket! Pictures with the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, fun themed candies. There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday! If you go to church, you might get to experience a Sater Meal--also known as the final supper. Sometimes the children's Sunday School will put on a little show too! However you do it, you're sure to enjoy the day. 

With Easter on its way, you've surely been planning a fun day, and what better way than to plan a delicious meal outside under your Girard Awning? Decorations, tasty food, and fresh air on a Spring day--surely it can't get any better! You can decorate however you wish too, the food is why we're really here! Click on the links to find the recipes! 

Easter Dinner

Deviled Eggs - classic, dill, spicy

Crudite Platter with Dips - fresh cut veggies with tahini, citrus and onion dips

Leg of Lamb - roasted to perfection with herb crust

Bleu Cheese Potatoes - smashed with herbs and garlic

Balsamic Asparagus - roasted with blistered tomatoes

Key Lime Bars - homemade, tart and sweet