Dinner For Two Under Your Girard RV Awning

Dinner For Two Under Your Girard RV Awning


This can all be done indoors, but today, we’re going to plan a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day under your Girard RV awning. Now, this will only be possible in areas where the weather is still nice. (Snowbirds cheer in the background!)


First things first: the meal. 


Plan out a menu! We have a few ideas, this one was our favorite: 


Chicken Cordon Bleu with Cream Sauce

Garlic Asparagus

Sour Cream and Chive Potatoes

Chocolate Cherry Martini

Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Sauce


And don’t worry--if you don’t have time or would rather, you can easily buy dessert--whatever your loved one wants! 

Now that you have that taken care of, it’s time to focus on the decor and ambiance. 


Twinkling lights are always a nice touch, so either bring out white lights from Christmas or buy some new ones from the holiday section at your local stores. Hang these up around the awning and your RV. They provide enough light to not need the porch light, yet leave it dark enough for that romantic feeling. 


Candles are also a great way for romantic light--light a couple as a centerpiece on the table. Place some rose petals around them for a quick and simple decoration. 


Having a white or cream-colored table cloth is also a simple and pretty way to bring on the romance. Setting the scene with real dinnerware is also romantic. 


Have some music playing in the background. Nothing crazy, maybe something classical or something you both enjoy. You can create a playlist with songs that make you think of your loved one. 


Most importantly, enjoy yourselves on this special day!