Different Types of RV Campsites

Different Types of RV Campsites

Different Types of RV Campsites

All campsites are not created equal. Everyone has their taste on what is a good time, and additionally, it’s fun to mix things up and get a variety of types of campsites. We’ve put together a list of a few of the common types of camps for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire you to start thinking of your next camping trip!


Ah, yes, you are relaxing at the lake with your home away from home.  Lakes offer beauty, sounds, wildlife, and lots of FUN! There are even lakeside sites that are so close you can toss your line out and catch a fish just steps from your RV.




It sure is nice to relax outside of your camper and listen to the waves. At night you can crack your window open and fall asleep to natural white noise.
Catch some fish and cook them upright at the RV. Watch some whales go by on their migration. Catch some waves on a surfboard or bodyboard. The point is to enjoy the ocean’s vastness and beauty!


Do you work remotely? Maybe you work a regular job but on long weekends you plugin to get stuff done. Some campsites have excellent cell and WIFI coverage. Also, a suitable worksite will have a great view that’s close enough to be plugged into the power from the RV.


Middle of Nowhere

After being near a bunch of people at RV Resorts for a while, we enjoy heading off the grid for some boondocking. Most experienced RVers consider it the best part of RVing. We would have to agree.
You’re able to get off-grid on areas like national forests, BLM land, and even with companies like Harvest Hosts where you can stay for a night on a vineyard or farm.


Sometimes if you’re in a busy campground, it’s nice to have a campsite tucked away back in the forest. It keeps you away from the highway traffic, foot traffic, and kids. Just watch out for bears. The campground where this photo was taken had an electric fence surrounding the campground, so Grizzlies wouldn’t come in and visit the RVers.




Growing up, I use to get excited when we’d get to stay in a hotel and be near the pool. It was a rare occasion but a real treat for our family.
Now that we’re RVers, you can book the campsite that’s right next to the pool for a Glamping vacation.

Lonely Site

Have you ever gone to a campground that you thought would be booming with people, but for some odd reason, you ended up being one of the only ones? That means no socializing with other campers, and you’ll be stuck telling yourself stories around the fire.  But hey, you could always talk to the deer!