Decorate Your RV With Items From Your Travels!

Decorate Your RV With Items From Your Travels!


One super cool and unique way to decorate your RV is by using items you’ve collected throughout your journies while RVing. Here are some ideas for items you can collect--and what you can do with them!


Wine or Beer Bottles

If you go somewhere and enjoy a super delicious locally made wine or beer, why not invest in a couple extra to save one of the bottles? Keep the label on them and you can fill them with sand or small pebbles to weigh them down and use them as bookends on shelves! 


Sand From Beaches

If you go to places near the beach, collect sand in a jar! You can layer it and label each layer on the outside with permanent marker to document your trip. 


Local Art

Many places, especially touristy places, will sell art that represents the city or state. This makes perfect decor to hang or place somewhere in your RV! 


Picture Frames

Shops all over the country sell picture frames that represent the area you’re visiting. Purchase one of these and put a family photo in them for in your living area! What a great way to remember a fun family adventure!