Cute 'n' Spooky Decorations for Halloween and Fall


Some fall decorations are perfect for Halloween. Some, you need to set up just for Halloween. Whatever the case, here are some great ideas to get you started!


Pumpkins are a go-to. They’re pretty, colorful, relatively inexpensive and can be completely customized! Whether you choose to carve pumpkins or paint them, you can make pumpkins completely original. If that isn’t your thing, you can buy heirloom pumpkins to decorate with! Always check local farms for pumpkins--they usually have some unique kinds, plus you would be supporting a local business!


Pumpkins are also fantastic for Halloween! If you don’t have the time (or energy) to carve your pumpkins, that’s okay! Painting your pumpkins is just as fun and you can be even more creative--especially if you have a hard time with the carving! Choose your picture and paint it on one side of the pumpkin--or, do an entire scene on the whole pumpkin! These look super cute sitting on a ledge peeking out of one of your RV’s windows.

Hang a wreath on your door filled with sunflowers and pinecones. This will look super pretty and make you feel even more welcome in your RV! You can make this spooky by adding some spider web material and a couple of fake spiders to it! 


Take some of your favorite scary movies and bring them to life! For example: make the wooden figures from the Blair Witch Project and hang them around your campsite or hide a pig mask-like from the Saw movies just under your RV so it’s like it’s about to jump out at you! You can also hang masks around your RV yard


You can also keep decorating the interior simple by exchanging shams, pillows and curtains for fall colors. Add a Halloween themed pillow or wall hanging and you're good to go!