Crispy Homemade Fries

Crispy Homemade Fries

To make these, you need to be okay with a slightly longer process. Trust us--it is worth the time!


First, cut your potatoes to the desired size. They don’t need to be perfect!

Heat some oil in a pot to about 300F. If you have a little fryer, this works even better! They make special thermometers for oil if you don't have a little fryer. 

Immerse the fries in the oil for about 6 minutes. Do this in smaller batches.

Remove and lay on a tray and allow to cool.


When you’re ready to make these for dinner, Heat your oil up to 400F.

In smaller batches, immerse your fries for about 6 minutes again or until they are golden and crispy. Toss in sea salt and serve!


Tips: You can also toss your hot, crispy fries in some grated parmesan or asiago with fresh cracked black pepper and garlic powder.