Create Your Perfect RV Yard

Create Your Perfect RV Yard


We know many of you drive your RV to a specific location and then park it for the season--and that’s totally awesome! Others park here and there for a little while and then move on to another location, which is again, way awesome. Either way you choose to vacation, you’re going to want to set up a yard on your little lot. Having a Girard RV Awning will help with this; it can help to extend your outdoor RV living space a good amount, giving you a better place set up your yard.

First, find out what's trending this season. Being hip to what's 'in' and what isn't will help you design the perfect RV yard! If following trends isn't your ideal way of decorating, then go with whatever you like. Be as creative as you want! Also, having a Girard RV Awning will automatically give you a leg up in creating your dream yard, so if you haven't bought yours yet, you know where to go!

Bring a simple folding table and chairs. These can easily be stored and brought out when you get to your destination, and then you’ll have an area outdoors that you can enjoy a nice meal at or just sit and drink your morning cup of coffee at. You don’t need anything too fancy--you can always add a table cloth and pin it underneath to give your table a new look. Or, if you’re artistic, you can paint the table!

Use lawn decorations. I know it sounds silly and obvious, but it is one of the best and easiest ways to decorate your yard! I know when I think of lawn decorations, I picture gnomes and pink flamingos, but there are so many more that you can use! Whatever your personal style is is what you should do to decorate.

Potted plants would be a nice touch, especially if they’re herbs! Certain herbs, like lemon balm and lemon grass, help keep mosquitos away. Click here for a list of herbs to keep bugs and pests away! If you use big enough pots and planters, you can turn them into little fairy gardens with figurines. This is a cute touch to make the already beautiful ‘garden’ even more beautiful!

Campfire ring. Decorate the ring of your campfire with pretty rocks and stones you find while hiking or down by a river. This gives a rustic touch to your yard!

If you have a pet, remember to always clean up after them the right way! Dog poo does not make for a pretty yard, even if your pretty pup is sitting right there!

What have you done to decorate your RV yard? Let us know in the comments!