Common Things You'll Find While Glamping

Common Things You'll Find While Glamping


You don’t have to take out your garbage
When you are glamorous camping you don’t have to bother with taking out the trash. All you have to do is set the bag at the end of your campsite and the campground will come around and collect it for you. You actually don’t have to do any yard work either, how cool is that?

When you are Glamping, most RV resorts are designed with on-site restaurants. That means that you don’t have to worry about making food. In fact, you can walk out of your RV sit somewhere scenic and order a cold beverage and an amazing burger. That saves you time of making and cleaning for meals, so you can spend more time in nature.


Wide spacious sites
Most Glamping campgrounds will provide extremely wide sites that are not only large but they’re easy to pull in and out of if you have a large camper. And of course, it goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: you’ll have full hookups.


Wi-Fi that works
Most campgrounds that advertise that they have Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi is so poor that it either doesn’t work or the minute that somebody starts streaming. your signal cuts out. But your Glamping resort is going to have strong Wi-Fi for you.


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Live music
Love to listen to the radio? Well, when your Glamping, screw the radio, screw Pandora, you get to listen to live music directly from your RV because many Glamping campgrounds will bring in awesome live music to make your ears dance.

Community events
When there are events going on like holidays or things going on locally a Glamping campground will offer their own version of events directly at the campground. You don’t have to leave! In fact, at Easter, the bunny will come to the campground for your kids. At Christmas, the campground will have Santa come to the campground for your kids. You’ll also find music events, potlucks and more.

Let’s say you want to take out a boat, jet ski, kayak, golf cart, or a paddleboard, but you don’t have one. That’s where a glamping campground comes into play. Because they’ve got everything you need to just show up, slap on a life jacket, and go for a ride.

Heated pools
Who wants to go into a cold pool? Not me. That’s why when you go Glamping you put your body into a nice, warm, often saltwater, pool. Got kids? Grandkids adventuring with you this weekend? Many times, you’re going to get water slides or there might be a kiddie pool that is shallow and allows you to relax while you watch them.

Retail store for supplies
If you don’t have everything you need, most Glamping resorts will have a retail store for you to buy stuff.
Maybe you forgot your flip-flops, maybe it’s a hot day and you want a slushy, or maybe it’s the morning and you ran out of coffee. That’s where the retail store is going to come into play for you.