Benefits of Working in an RV


There is a wave of people who are switching from Corporate America to working remotely in scenic locations all across the country. It's appealing to be able to work in your RV rather than heading into an office every day. Whether you are part time or full time you can benefit from this lifestyle that's often called RV Workers. We've outlined a few of the many benefits. Keep in mind, there are many options for this kind of work. These work opportunities can show up in different business models: entrepreneurship vs employee, part time vs full time, etc.


Many remote entrepreneurs love being able to work where and when they want. Working in an office you have the same view every day and that can get boring. When you're an RV Worker you can work from the wilderness with all the conveniences of home. You can sleep in and schedule your own hours (as long as you discipline yourself to get the work done). The scenery is a big part of being an RV Worker. Many not only work from their RV but bring their laptop with them on hikes into National Parks or other areas where they can be secluded.

Save Time and Money

The average American worker commutes 25 minutes one way to work. Including lunch break or errands that's an hour per day. What could you do with an extra hour per day? You could be more productive with your work. You might, get a hike or workout in, prepare healthy meals, spend time with your significant other? The RV Worker commutes 0 minutes each day. There are extra vehicle costs associated with commuting that the RV Worker saves. Not to mention the sanity of not having to deal with rush hour. Another time saver that might not be as obvious is the time you would save from maintaining your home. When you have no yard, you save all the time of yard work which can be extensive at certain times of the year.


A lot of people go for walks on their lunch break around the office building. A break for the RV Worker could be biking in the campground, hiking next to a river, or fishing on the dock -you get the idea. Don't underestimate the value of quality of life.

The Sky is the Limit

The accessibility of information on the internet evens out the playing field for people wanting to grow their business. Education is critical in becoming a good business person, but it doesn't have to be a formal form of a degree. In fact, over 70% of college graduates never will get a job in their field. What this means is that everyone has the ability to gain knowledge online, through articles, courses, and videos. With this information, you can increase your value to the company you work for. However, many entrepreneur RV Workers will take this knowledge and grow their business by serving their customers with value. You also have a chance to give yourself a raise through working longer hours. There isn't going to be someone telling you that you can't work overtime.

Stay Connected

All the recent advances in digital technology allow RV Workers to stay connected in most areas of the country. Anywhere where there is cell phone service, you can run your business. Many campgrounds have WIFI which is great for big uploads or downloads, and Jetpacks keep people connected in their RVs.

If you have any questions about how to set up a work station in your RV or purchasing the correct RV for RV Working give us a call or stop by the Dealership.