Activities While Camping Local

Activities While Camping Local


You can travel 1500 miles to your camping destination but if you have limited time off or don’t want to put long miles in, local camping can be equally as enjoyable! Here are some of the popular activities that draw local campers.  


Camping at the Raceway: Race fans of all ages can enjoy being up close and personal with the drivers and crew while camping at the raceway. This goes from NASCAR all the way down to local dirt tracks.  

Many of the raceways will either have a campground section where they have hookups or they will offer a boondocking area.  


Biking: There’s no better way to explore in and around the campground than on a bike. Plus since you’re most likely near an amazing forest you can head out there too! 


Car Shows: RVers are on average the right demographic for car shows. As you’re traveling in your RV you can check out car shows in all different areas.  


Wildlife: When you’re in the great outdoors you can expect to run into wildlife. That’s another reason we love RVing vs camping because it gives you a lot more protection from the bears… 


Live Music: Festivals, live music at the restaurant and people playing by the campfire; they’re all going to be found when you’re RVing. Get the lawnchair ready to sit and enjoy the live music.  


Friends: You have options when it comes to friends for RVers. You can bring them along, invite them to follow behind, meet them at a location, or make new friends along your travels. Just make sure you capture the moments with a beautiful picture.  


Grilling: Yes RVers love to grill! Grilling-n-chilling in the great outdoors is the best. Many of the RVs are now coming out with outdoor kitchen grills for easy outdoor cooking and cleanup.  


 Pools: Heated pools and hot tubs are a joy of the RV Life. Sometimes they’re indoor, mostly they’re outdoor. Either way, they’re always a good time to head out to your local campground and enjoy some pool time.