5 Wine Regions to Visit in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico

5 Wine Regions to Visit in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico


If you love great wine, incredible food, and an occasional surprise live performance on a more intimate scale than Napa or Sonoma, these Southern California and Northern Baja Wine Regions will delight you. Take a tour while on your next RV adventure and stock up! 


Ventura County 

The coastal areas of Malibu and Ventura are home to some of the most quintessential Southern California views and experiences in existence. Not surprisingly, this region is also home to some of the finest wineries Southern California has to offer. Located along Highway One, the ocean views in the region rarely disappoint, and the wine and food is no different. Tours abound in this area so book your group and let someone else do the driving.  


There are multiple Campgrounds to choose from. The Rancho Oso RV Resort is just outside of the city nestled up into the mountains. Close enough to easily head to the ocean yet surprisingly remote. It’s an equestrian campground so you can bring your horses or even ride theirs.  



Cucamonga Valley 

Located just 45 miles east of Los Angeles, The Cucamonga Valley was one of the dominant wine producing regions of the early 1900's. While there are fewer and fewer vineyards still in production in the Cucamonga Valley, they are among the oldest in California. Today, Galleano and Joseph Filippi dominate the appellation for premium wines in the Cucamonga Valley. For those whose calling is Old Vine Zinfandel, Grenache, and Port, this region is a must visit. 


Now here’s the best kept secret in Southern California… Cucamonga Peak is one of the most scenic places in the country to enjoy a Sunrise. If you start hiking the via the Ice House Canyon route around midnight, you’ll reach the summit at roughly 5am (depending on your speed and conditions). Sit back, open a bottle of wine and enjoy one of the best views of your life.  



Temecula Valley 

Just south of the Cucamonga Valley cities of Riverside and San Bernardino is the beautiful Temecula Valley: home to 30 or so vineyards and wineries. This region is known for its resurgence of Italian and Rhone varietals, as well as many interesting and innovative blends. An annual Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival in June, as well as many other area events year round, make the visit even more memorable. In summer months, it is not at all uncommon to find live music and excellent food nearly everywhere you visit. 


The area is surrounded by great campgrounds. If you’re willing to go a few minutes outside of the area there are TOP NOTCH campgrounds on large reservoirs for you to switch off a day of boating with a day of wine tasting.  



Ramona and Highland Valley 

Known for its many wonderful Merlots and Chardonnays, this region in Eastern San Diego County is home to a growing number of small family vineyards and wineries. Many of these are somewhat far apart from one another, but the views from these San Diego foothills is worth wandering. Separated by two separate valleys, this combined region is home to nearly 40 vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms. 


The Escondido RV Resort is a nearby spot to relax and soak in some of the rays in Sunny Southern California! 



Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California 

For the adventurous, this nearby region near Ensenada, Baja California boasts some of the most wonderful Spanish and French varietals and blends in the world. Tours are available in nearby Ensenada and are a wonderful way to tour this region. Do not miss the wine and chocolate pairing and award winning olive oil available at Bodega Santo Tomas' tasting room and vineyards. This area promises to not disappoint with rustic views and incredibly affordable pricing. Be sure to know your import restrictions and tariffs before returning from across the border.