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All Girard product designs and innovations greatly improve the Aesthetics for Motorized Retractable RV Awnings and compliment today’s modern coach.

Girard Awning Products are now operated with our New Generation of G-LINK Electronics. All G-LINK Electronics products are pre-programmed at the factory to help simplify installation for manufacturers and end users. We take pride in keeping our customers happy. The reason why more RV manufacturers and RV owners choose Girard motorized, lateral arm retractable awnings is due to our quality and customer service. No other awning manufacturer offers more.

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Girard Systems has been a custom awning manufacturer for the RV and Specialty Vehicle Industry since 1996.

We create automatic patio awnings, door awnings, window awnings, and slide awnings. Our 20+ years of industry experience has allowed us to be the first company in the RV industry to introduce motorized lateral arm awnings. Our management team and product engineers are constantly working to provide the latest and greatest innovative shade and electronic control products that add to our Girard Systems branded line of custom manufactured awnings. We are known for having innovative product designs, superior quality, and first class rated customer service. Girard RV awnings combined with cutting edge electronic technology puts our products at the top of their class. Our customers know they are getting the best quality and service in the industry today!


Perfect for The Every style, sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella fabrics are inspired by rich color palettes, cultivated trend stories and an array of textures. Design extraordinary spaces in your home, RV and business. Discover awning fabric collections and get inspired. Textiles are one of the most important ingredients in exceptional design providing genuine comfort and superior living spaces.

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Girard Guard

Our innovative design and high quality engineering ensure you receive the best products available on the market to protect your investment.

Valued as The new standard for Outside Entertainment
Outdoor TV Box
Girard Guard provides a weather proof box for your coach that fits an LED smart TV up to 60". Enjoy outdoor entertainment without worry. With steel lift arms, steel box and aluminum door these sturdy boxes protect your investment. Automatic remote control, LED backlighting, optional surround sound bring convenience to your experience. Operated by a tubular motor this box is fitted with a standard ignition lockout. Cozy up to your favorite game, concert and more. Let Girard Guard protect your outdoor features.

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Green RV ProductsGreen RV

Perfect For Hot Water On Demand Whenever You Need It!
Tankless Water Heater

Girard Tankless Water Heaters are one of our Green RV Products. These innovative products provide a viable alternative to tank hot water heaters. The benefits are clear, producing hot water ‘on demand’, using only what you need exactly when you need it. With interest in technology and environmental stewardship at an all-time high, this green alternative designed to meet your needs in your coach or RV is provides a product consumers have been asking for. Without a bulky tank you produce more storage space, and they have better longevity than most tank heaters. More efficient, less space and low cost operation are just some of the benefits. If you are interested in replacing your traditional hot water heater with a Girard Tankless Water Heater . . .

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